Benue State, Nigeria


First Light is a collection of fifty poems — the first contact of the author with the world through publishing. It brings to mind the very beginning of Ogar’s writing, and how he has sought improvement over the years. The book, indeed, is his “first draft” before anything else.

He selects fifty as a round figure, but more importantly for the audience to have a wide variety to read and be at home with. There may be a particular subject that interests the reader, and be sure that everyone would find theirs from these fifty poems.

First Light takes a look at the very common concepts of nature and our environment. It is specifically focused on the little things that make a difference: family, love, childhood, sleep, etc. We should find time to meditate and appreciate these gifts of life.

This story has been told from millennia through generations; a central theme in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Around the world, it is a popular legend that talks of ten plagues ravaging the land of Egypt and liberating the Israelites, but one thing is common — the theme of suffering.

Ten Plagues is a poetic description of the travails of Egypt, as very similar to ours in this modern time. History only repeats itself because we fail to learn from it; but while many people blame a deity or fate, for the suffering around the world, we are our own problem through the choices of evil and social injustice.

Today, the story remains fresh because the idea of suffering is ever constant. But in contrast with the legend of old, suffering isn’t inflicted from a celestial being, it is a consequence of human vice and neglect.

Come walk with Luke Ogar through Ten Plagues as he explores this familiar theme of suffering

History equates to time travel, and geography equates to space travel. A combination of these two give you a feel of our beautiful world in stories told through the eyes of thirty different cultures, all with a universal meaning for humanity. The melting point of history and geography is fiction, where legends are met and heroes trump over villains.

Not only is this book of short stories for entertainment, but for a deeper appreciation of a diversity of the human race, while maintaining the oneness of nature and mindset. For no culture is superior to another, so too the stories portrayed, not to exalt or demean a group of people.

Come walk with Luke Ogar through the lands of rising suns, blood moons, brown sunsets, and rocky mountains. Experience our beautiful world!